The Egg Club


Egg  Member Card voidSeveral people have asked about our egg CSA / egg co-op lately and I thought it would be a good idea to use these inquiries as a spring-board to reintroduce the idea as the Egg Club.

The idea of a club membership seems to better fit the intent of the program and the way our customers have used it.

So how does this Egg Club work and how does it benefit our customers? To understand the benefits, one only needs to have experienced the “sold out” sign at the market. We strive to bring enough eggs to the market each week, to meet the needs of our customers, but from time to time we fall short of that goal.

Whether it is increased sales to our wholesale customers, aging or new replacement hens laying fewer eggs, the seasonal slowdown due to short days in the winter time or increased needs of our market customers, sometimes we find ourselves having to disappoint someone counting on getting their fresh eggs on market day. I feel a personal sense of failure when this happens and wanted a way to insure that customers could count on eggs waiting for them at the market even if they arrive at noon. The result is the “Egg Club”.

Purchasing an egg club card makes sense for our customers in three ways:

1.   Guaranteed eggs waiting when you arrive at the market.

2.   One free dozen for each 12 dozen purchased.

3.   Protection from price increases.

Each card entitles the customer to 13 dozen eggs and reserves one dozen eggs each week to be held awaiting your pick up. At current prices, 13 dozen large eggs would cost $48.75 or $3.75 per dozen, Egg Club members pay $45.00 or $3.46 per dozen.

What other vendor will give you a discount for the privilege of serving you better?

Need more than one dozen each week? No problem, each card allows you to get as many cartons as you have punches remaining on your card provided we have the extra eggs. If you need to guarantee multiple cartons, each additional card purchased guarantees another dozen. Your club card reserves you one dozen large eggs, however, if we have larger eggs available when you arrive, you may choose the size you prefer.

Eggs are held in reserve for each member until noon on Saturday unless you tell us that you will not need them on a particular week. At noon, we add the reserved eggs to stock available for purchase by other customers.

Never be eggless again!

Join the Egg Club today.



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