Slow Money, Slow Food and Community

Slow Food and Slow Money are two concepts that are centered on keeping food dollars and investment dollars local to benefit our communities. As we benefit our communities, we benefit ourselves, but there’s more. As we concentrate on building sustainable communities, all our efforts multiply exponentially to build a sustainable world. Our farm is dedicated to providing healthy foods that can earn the title of “slow” foods. Helping us along the way, Massey Creek Farms has been fortunate enough to have been led to the door step of Carol Peppe Hewitt co-founder and ringleader of Slow Money NC. With Carol’s guidance and shepherding, we won the support of members and a slow money loan. More correctly, we were the recipients of four loans, made by Stephen Johnson, Keith Cook, Jane Sugarman, Ken Caneva and Jerry Owens. These members pooled their investment to help us grow our chicken flock and were instrumental in our sales growth in 2013 of 20% over 2012!

Introducing Gatheround from Slow Money on Vimeo.

A direct result of this introduction to Slow Money, has brought us a new opportunity for growth, a new “beta” project of Slow Money called “Gatheround”. Gatheround helps us put our business on the radar screens of many more Slow Money investors as well as other angel investors looking for an opportunity to invest in a better world as well as earn sustainable returns.

Our presentation will be December 10th 2013 at 9pm ET. Join us and support local food and a local business. If you can’t join us, send us your good karma as we set off on this new adventure.

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