Egg, Chicken, & Turkey Pricing

Dozen Eggs Grade A Medium$3.25
Dozen Eggs Grade A Large$3.75
Dozen Eggs Grade A Large Double Six Pack, wholesale only$4.00
Dozen Eggs Grade A XLarge$4.00
Dozen Eggs Grade A Jumbo$4.25
Dozen Duck Eggs ungraded$8.00
1/2 Dozen Duck Eggs ungraded$5.00
Chicken, spent hens, seasonal$3.49
Spent Hens, Live, PU@farm, seasonal, each $3.00
Broad Breasted White, $4.99 / lb (12 to 26 lb range), deposit required$4.99
Broad Breasted Bronze, $5.99 / lb (12 to 26 lb range), deposit required$5.99
Heritage Bourbon Red, $6.99 / lb (8 to 12 lb range), deposit required$7.99
Turkey Brine Kit$17.00
Brine Kit (Seasoning Only)$12.00
Turkey Deposit$25.00
Ground Turkey, seasonal$8.99
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