We’re No Ball of Butter

Many of our customers prefer the ample breast meat of the broad breasted turkeys. While these birds are the same breed as the commercial turkey most folks are accustomed to, they are by no means the same bird when raised on pasture.Commercial turkey barn

Turkeys in the GrassThere are several prominent differences that will enhance your cooking and eating experience. The most radical difference is of course the diet, which results in an older bird as well as a tastier bird. While the pasture raised broad breasted turkey’s flavor is not quite as intense as that of the Bourbon Red, it has far and away more flavor than the supermarket bird. Our turkeys are not injected with brine or water to add moisture. They don’t need it. The pasture raised turkey has grown more slowly and is naturally juicy when cooked. This trait also, means you pay for turkey, not water. If you want a 20 pound bird to feed your family, you want 20 pounds of turkey not 18 pounds of turkey and 2 pounds of water and who knows what. No added water will also, allow for shorter cooking times as less water must be “cooked out”. While we do recommend brining your turkey, this occurs at home (no added water weight) and is to complement the natural flavor not to “give it some flavor”.Roast Turkey BBW

Our turkeys are presold and go very quickly. We begin the presale when the turkey poults arrive at the farm, one day old. The broad breasted variety arrives in late June.

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