BBQ Pigs

Any time smoke and porkBBQ Pig Block Pit are put in proximity to each other, a party is sure to follow.Line up for bbq


As luck would have it, we currently have a few pigs of BBQ size available.



There is a broad size range, so we can probably fit your needs.


Just remember, BBQ smoke draws a crowd!


BBQ pork is a long held tradition of the south and is the pinnacle of pork preparations.


Pig Pickin





There are cooks and there are chefs and then there are BBQ men.






Of course, its a known fact that some BBQ men look better than others attending the pit!




 The tools for BBQ are simple, a pit, a spit and a split. Actually the spit is expendable, the pit and the split (hickory) are not.

BBQ Pig Block PitPig Spit BBQsplitting-hickory



Pits can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. For backyard, a stacked block pit works great. This pit is semi permanent, sturdy and easily customized. A lid is helpful but can be as simple as butcher paper or pasteboard.

fancy bbq rigsimple block pitground pit





To find out more about ordering a pig for your BBQ, click here.

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