Pasture Perfect Pork

Massey Creek pigs are pasture raised. Watching them cavort in the grass and begin the process of making a “wallow” is fun for farmer and pig alike. Pigs raised on pasture glean about 30% of their nutrition from forage and utilize many plants passed up by traditional grazing animals.

Our pigs still need grain to grow, but as with our other livestock, we supplement with only locally purchased vegetarian feeds. Our pigs are fed no antibiotics, hormones or animal by products. Pork produced from a pasture based system has the flavor, texture and tenderness of the pork we knew before “the other white meat.” Like our sheep and hens, the pigs self fertilize their pasture without the need for machinery or lagoons. They are healthy, hardy and happy!

Pork from pasture-raised pigs is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Our farming methods promote environmental, economic, and animal welfare benefits, as well as great tasting-products. We believe this is the optimal way to satisfy consumers’ desire for tasty, environmentally friendly food and protects the public from health issues associated with factory farming. Pasture production can ultimately change our agricultural system in a positive way.



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