Lambtastic Lamb

Our Pasture Raised lamb is a positive carryover from our days as a corporate pawn. Originally added to the farm as “lawn mowers” and 4H projects for the kids, they were “pasture raised” by default. Luckily we began with a breed that was selected for meat as opposed to wool.

 Katahdin sheep owe their lineage to Virgin Islands’ “haired” breeds. Developed in Maine, they are named after Mount Katahdin, the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.

Poor quality wool, lacking lanolin and the ability to shed and not be sheared are advantages when we want a superior dining experience. A milder, sweeter meat for our plate is the benefit.  Over the years we have introduced Dorper rams into the herd as a means of increasing lamb size and maintaining the no shear haired sheep and superior flavor profile of meat type lambs.

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