Home On The Free Range Eggs

In a Pasture Raised system, hens spend most of their time outdoors. They do have shelter and nests for eggs, however, foraging on their own is a vital part of this method. A Free Roaming system is really the same as Cage Free, no cages, but limited or no outside exposure. No foraging, no dusting, no sunlight, in other words, no being a chicken! Without these, a chicken can be no more than a cog in a machine. We’ve been there and got the tee shirt. We will not ask our animals to do what we were no longer willing to do. Our hens live their lives as chickens.

If you’ve been to the market and looked over the selection of eggs available, the price range can beg the question, “Why”? No doubt about it, pastured hen’s eggs cost more to produce. However, in return, these hens give us a measurably healthier egg. In fact, Mother Earth News had an analysis of pasture raised eggs from all over the country and compared them to Factory Farmed eggs. The results were, well sp-egg-tacular!

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