Chickeny Chicken

As one of our customers put it, “this stewing hen was the most chickeny my chicken has ever tasted!”

Thats’s what you get with a stewing hen, full chicken flavor. So what is a stewing hen? First, she is NOT a fryer, roaster or broiler.chicken_in_brazil_bushes A stewing hen has seen her best days as an egg layer, molted a few times and become a less than dependable egg layer. She can be ornery, broody, cranky to the point of surly. She is a tough old bird…literally!

On the other hand, she has one more purpose for which she is highly suited and which increases her fit in the chain of sustainability. She is destined for the stew pot. After her life of providing delicious nutritious eggs she provides one last meal. In this NYT article, “Old Hens Never Die, They Just Bubble Away”, many chefs have learned to harvest that deep chicken flavor only age can develop.

coq au vanchicken-stock-a

chicken and dumplings bowlAccording to “Granny Miller, The secret to a tender stewing hen is slow cooking or a pressure cooker. Because of the excess vent area fat I will skim off the fat once the cooking has been completed. Chicken fat makes a very good shortening for dumplings and in a pie crust for any type of meat pie.”

When seeking the special richness of a stewing hen, seek the crock pot, dutch oven, pressure cooker and the stock pot. No worthy kitchen should lack these essentials.

Our hens are available seasonally, three to four times a year.

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