Food Safety Modernization Act


After-FSMA-CartoonI rarely interject politics into posts, however, in this case, politics are unavoidable and I apologize in advance. The Food Safety Modernization Act is NOT going to make our food safer. Laws and the regulations they promulgate, rarely produce the stated effect. I say stated instead of intended here, because many times the stated and intended effects bear nothing in common. The FSMA and its proposed regulatory strangling of small family farms is just another example of this in the long line of examples that have been produced by federal and state governments.
I have been farming for 30 years and have already been put out of business once by regulations and I think that is enough for one life time. I left the “dark side” of farming when we closed our CAFO and turned to a model that was supposed to be sustainable for all concerned (except maybe big ag) and yet here we go again with a new set of regulations trying to strangle me. I agree with Joel Salatin, we don’t need any more oversight. Oversight has brought us concentrated food sources and massive food borne sickness and there is no reason to believe that anymore “oversight” will be any different. If Cargill, ADM, Monsanto, Tyson, Smithfield and the rest of corporate agriculture write the regulations through their proxy lobbyists, lawyers and revolving door bureaucrats and politicos, why should we expect that they are looking out for the consumer or the small farmers nipping at their heals? Believe me, they are not!
This is not a partisan issue; big ag money is ambidextrous, buying left and right with equal enthusiasm. Corporate food doesn’t have an ideology, just a bottom line.protest

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