Back To The Start

In my last post, I discussed the importance of supporting our farms and communities through Slow Money. Yesterday I had the privilege of hosting Maggi Neufer and daughter. Maggi is a Slow Money NC member that grew up on a hog farm in southern Michigan. Maggi plans on taking part in next week’s Gatheround and wanted to see first hand how we raise our animals. I assumed when Maggi emailed me, that she wanted to make sure we were up to snuff and truthful about our farm before committing her backing. I found out quickly that Maggi was here to lay hands on a pig! As we talked about my days as a factory farmer and our transition to pasture production, I think we were both getting a little misty eyed talking about how hogs and all animals for that matter, should be raised on the ground. I could see her deep devotion to the respect and caring these animals deserve.

Well, Maggi did get up close and personal with the pigs including Mr. Bojangles and left with an arm load of sausages and eggs. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and besides giving me a reason to clean off my desk, my guests put me in mind of the Chipotle You Tube short, “Back To The Start”.

Now I give Chipotle credit for the intellectual property, but they did borrow my life story and I think it only fair to link to it in my blog. Now I don’t sell to Chipotle and I hope they are doing justice to this story, because its my life and its a damn good story to tell.

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