A craftsman cares for his tools

As many of our market customers know, we are now offering a drop off sharpening service at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. On knives, we only use hand sharpening on flat stones. This protects the integrity of the steel and provides the finest edge possible for your cutlery.
As many of you know, we do not recommend “pull through” electric or manual sharpening systems. These destroy the temper of the steel, the angle of the edge and the shape of your knife.
We recommend that you have your knife professionally sharpened and use a steel to realign the edge between sharpening. It is important to remember the following “rules” of knife care:

  1. Please do not use the “pull through” type knife sharpener.
  2. Do not wash knives in the dish washer.670px-CleanKnives-Step-2
  3. Do not soak knives in standing water.
  4. Use a wood conditioner on wooden handles to protect from water damage.
  5. Learn to use a steel. A steel does not sharpen, it aligns an already sharp edge.steeling your knife
  6. Use ONLY wood or plastic cutting boards…PLEASE!maple-face-grain-full,cante[1]






Here is some good information on storing knives in angled wooden knife blocks.

Storing Knives on Their Spines

 From America’s Test Kitchen

Most owners of knife blocks slide their knives into the block blade side down when the slots run vertically on an angled face. To investigate whether this action damages the knife, we sharpened our favorite chef’s knife and then slid it in and out of its slot repeatedly, stopping every 10 strokes to check the blade’s sharpness. After just 70 strokes, the knife was unable to cleanly cut through a piece of paper—a clear sign of dullness. We repeated the test again, this time storing the knife on its spine in the block rather than on its cutting edge, and found no discernible damage, even after 200 strokes. While storing knives on their spine minimizes damage with an angle-faced block, we recommend magnetic knife strips, a universal knife block, or an upright wooden block, just to be safe.

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