3rd Annual GFCM Chili Challenge!

Turkey ChiliWell sports fans, it’s that time of year again! Time to rev up them taste buds and stock up on heartburn remedies. This year Massey Creek Farms is teaming up with Triad Local First to bring you the most localist chili we could dream up.

That’s right, it’s time to get out the pots and stew up a mess of chilies and meat. Notice I didn’t mention maters and beans. Those that know me, know I frown on beans and tomatoes in chili, I mean it just ain’t done, not west of the Mississippi anyway. Now, I know here in the Old North State, we have a dish called chili beans. My grandma made it, too. Take her wonderful hot dog chili and add some pinto beans and you got yourself chili beans.


I’m sorry to offend if you happen to be beaner, but facts is facts man. Now somebody is gonna ask about chili being red and not having tomatoes in it. Well that’s why they call it chili, the red comes from the stewed up chili peppers and ground up chili spices.

That’s the end of my chili rant.

And now for the crow. No, not in the chili. The crow I’m eatin’, as team MCF&TLF blends up this concoction, is along with the navy beans we’re puttin’ in the pot! I know, it’s an absolute abomination to my chili sensibilities, but this is special chili.

Just this once I’m gonna bend a little, not a lot, ain’t no maters gettin’ in this pot! Ya see we are making “white” chili. White turkey chili that is. So in homage to the grand gobbler, I’m gonna pair the white meat with some, a few, white beans. Not only that, but we got some rather interesting ingredients on the list including hominy and tea, yes you heard right, I said tea. Check our recipe page here for the details, but this is gonna be as much of a GFCM based brew as can be imagined by our twisted minds.

gfcm-logoFor the uninitiated, the chili challenge is a contest to raise bucks for the Curb Market and that’s where you guys come in. In order for a chili to “win” customers must vote with their bucks. One sawbuck equals one vote! Now don’t feel limited, this is a “vote early, vote often” election. No age limits and no picture id required, just be ready to taste and be breathing. On second thought, if someone who has crossed over the river, so to speak, manages to drop four bits in the jar, who are we to turn them away. Any way you can, get to the GFCM this Saturday morning 1/25/2013 between 8 and 12 and vote for Triad Local First and Massey Creek Farms, the team that brings local to a whole ‘nother level!

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