Fàilte (Fal-tcha), Scots gaelic for Welcome.

Come on in!

 Massey Creek Farms is a small family farm in the center of Rockingham County, North Carolina. We specialize in sustainably grown, grass fed meats and eggs.

 In the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Greensboro, we farm in the footsteps of our scots-irish ancestors and follow a program of growing pigs, sheep, turkeys, chickens and ducks on grass to provide our customers a healthy product they can count on.


 We maintain our livestock on a strict NO, NO, NO model of:

  • No Antibiotics
  • No Animal By-products
  • No Added Hormones

 In addition, we rotate our livestock, to take advantage of the unique feeding patterns of each to:

Maximize nutrition from forage
Renew and regenerate poor quality soils
Minimize the use of supplemental feed
Provide a safe yet natural environment for stock and stockman
Let pigs root and chickens scratch as nature intended
Utilize natural tillage, manure fertilization and pest control to eliminate all pesticide and commercial fertilizer usage
Reduce the “REAL” cost of what we eat through better health and reduced carbon footprint

All our efforts are aimed at leaving our little part of the world, better for us having been here, so generations to come will enjoy the products of this resource we humbly call home.

 We dedicate these pages to sharing our efforts with you. Come on in and make yourself at home. We’re all family after all. 



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